Rain Diverter

Need to divert the water over a doorway but don't want to ruin the "looks" of the doorway. Then our copper rain diverter is the perfect solution! Often used when a gutter is not a practical solution, there are too many moldings or the fascia angle is not the way you would like it.

Hand built of sturdy heavy-gauge copper, these diverters will last for decades!

Standard or Custom Sizes available.
A = 7"
B = 4" (approximately)
C = 30"
D = 1 1/2" (double thickness)

Available Materials:
16 oz red copper
16 oz lead-coated copper
20 oz also available

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RDC16 oz. red copperCopper rain diverter (5 Foot) 16 oz red copper$87.00
RDLC16 oz. lead-coated copperLead-coated copper rain diverter ( 5 Foot) 16 oz$94.00
RDCC20 oz Red CopperCopper Rain Diverter ( 5 Foot) 20 oz red copper$117.00
ARD.032 AluminumAluminum Rain Diverter-(5 Foot) Pop-RivetedCall for Price
Other Materials Available , Call for quote.
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  • Due to the complex nature of shipping 10 lengths, shipping will be calculated and you will be notified prior to production of final costs.
  • Custom fabricated metals are non-returnable.

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