Kick-Out Rain Diverters

A Water Management Strategy For Sloped Roofs that Meet Vertical Walls.

Modern home inspection reports are showing that as much as 80% of water intrusions at roof-to-wall intersections are due to missing or incorrectly installed kick-out flashings.

Kick-Out Diverters truly meet the industry need for a consistent, quality approach to resolving moisture penetration. They come in two styles: molded polypropylene and solid copper. Installation is easy too. Its molded design provides a durable, consistent, self-positioning part.
Our diverters eliminate the overrun of water between the endcap and the siding that can cause water stains and mold.

Poly Kick-Out Rain Diverter Color Choices are as follows: Brown & White

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KOLPolypropylenePoly Kick-Out Rain Diverter-Left$15.10
KORPolypropylenePoly Kick-Out Rain Diverter-Right$15.10
KOLCP16 Oz.Red CopperCopper-Kick Out Rain Diverter-Left$35.70
KORCP16 Oz. Red CopperCopper Kick-Out Rain Diverter-Right$35.70
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