Drip Edge

Used for the bottom (eave) edge of shingle roofs, our .032 drip edge will not crush when you lean your ladder against it!

How about a nice low-profile drip edge to run along the rake edges - BendTek can do it. How about when you need a longer back on a drip edge to span that gap in the old house you're working on. Not a problem for the pros at BendTek.

Our standard Drip Edge uses 6" stock.
Other dimensions available.

A = 1"
B = 1"
C = 3"

BendTek. The Smart Choice.

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C6DRIP16 oz red copper16 oz Red Copper Drip Edge (10 ft)Call for Price
LC6DRIP16 oz lead copper16 oz Lead-Coated Copper Drip Edge (10 ft)Call for Price
CC6DRIP20 oz red copper20 Oz Red Copper Drip Edge ( 10 Ft)Call for Price
LCC6DRIP20 oz lead copper20 Oz Lead coated Copper Drip - (10 ft)Call for Price
AK6DRIP.032 Kynar Aluminum.032 Kynar Aluminum Drip Edge Color choice needed (10 ft)$19.80
AKK6DripEdge.040 Kynar Aluminum.40 Kynar Aluminum Drip Edge Color choice needed (10ft)$22.20
Enter A dimension
Enter B dimension
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