Diamond Flashing

Diamond flashings are used for a closed cut valley whether you are installing red cedar in the woods, or a tile roof on the beach - our diamond flashing will save you time. They are pre-cut and pre-bent and will make you look professional because you know it won't leak!

A/B = 9" or 12"
9 x 9 or 12 x 12

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9x9rc16 oz. red copper9x9 diamond flashing (25 pcs)Call for Price
9x9lcc16 oz. lead-coated copper9x9 diamond flashing (25 pcs)Call for Price
9x9mfa.032 mill finish aluminum9x9 diamond flashing (25 pcs)$55.50
9x9aw.032 aluminum (white)9x9 diamond flashing (25 pcs)$55.50
9x9ab.032 aluminum (brown) 9x9 diamond flashing (25 pcs)$55.50
12x12rc16 oz. red copper12x12 diamond flashing (25 pcs)Call for Price
12x12lcc16 oz. lead-coated copper12x12 diamond flashing (25 pcs)Call for Price
12x12mfa.032 mill finish aluminum12x12 diamond flashing (25 pcs)$82.75
12x12aw.032 aluminum (white)12x12 diamond flashing (25 pcs)$82.75
12x12ab.032 aluminum (brown) 12x12 diamond flashing (25 pcs)$82.75
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  • Custom fabricated metals are non-returnable.

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