Copper Bay Window Roof

Just set it & forget it! These pre-assembled bay windows are built on a wood frame and ready to drop into place onsite. No more waiting for the sheet metal guy to show up! What a time saver.

These beautiful looking roofs are made to fit most bay windows manufacturers. Anderson windows, Marvin windows, Pella windows as well as custom box window units. Sweeping bay window roofs are also available as well as a complete selection of metals to choose from such as Copper, Revere Freedom Gray, Lead-Coated Copper, Kynar Coated Aluminum, Terne-Coated Stainless and more.

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CB 134CopperBay Window RoofCall for Price
CB 234Lead-Coated CopperBay Window RoofCall for Price
CB 334Freedom GrayBay Window RoofCall for Price
CB A34Kynar AluminumBay Window RoofCall for Price
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  • Custom fabricated metals are non-returnable.

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